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Call of Cthulhu: The Coloring Book 4 opinionesChaosiumFeb 20172
Cthulhu Covers 6 opinionesChaosium1988
The Haunter of the Dark and Other Grotesque VisionsCreation Oneiros20061
Littlest Lovecraft: The Call of CthulhuEsoteric Order of PublishingSep 20131
Littlest Lovecraft: The Dunwich HorrorEsoteric Order of PublishingOct 20141
Littlest Lovecraft: The Horror CollectionEsoteric Order of PublishingMay 20171
Littlest Lovecraft: The Shadow Over InnsmouthEsoteric Order of PublishingOct 20151
Lovecraft Paranormal Investigator: A Shoot in the DarkDarkside Media20151
Afterlife With Archie #6Archie ComicsOct 2014
Arkham Woods 1 opinionesSeven Seas EntertainmentFeb 20095.002
At the Mountains of MadnessSelfMadeHeroOct 20104
The Call of CthulhuABDO Publishing20141
The Case of Charles Dexter WardSelfMadeHeroMar 20122
Cthulhu Tales #01Boom! StudiosMar 20084.00
Cthulhu Tales #02Boom! StudiosAbr 20084.00
Cthulhu Tales #03Boom! StudiosMay 20084.00
Cthulhu Tales #04Boom! StudiosJun 20084.00
Cthulhu Tales #05 1 opinionesBoom! StudiosJul 20085.00
Cthulhu Tales #06Boom! StudiosSep 20084.00
Cthulhu Tales #07 1 opinionesBoom! StudiosOct 20083.00
Cthulhu Tales #08Boom! StudiosNov 20084.00
Cthulhu Tales #09Boom! StudiosDic 20084.00
Cthulhu Tales #10 1 opinionesBoom! StudiosEne 20096.00
Cthulhu Tales #11Boom! StudiosFeb 20095.00
Cthulhu Tales #12Boom! StudiosMar 20094.00