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An Eldritch Place [Carkosa Films] (2016)

Julien JauniauxDirector

17 mins | Bélgica | Francés | IMDb

"An Eldritch Place" (2016)

A Lovecraftian tale of frontiers and madness.


I first discovered H. P. Lovecraft through Alien. My favorite part of that film is the beginning, when they find that ship and don’t know where it came from. I loved the sense of mystery in the opening.

I started to read the short story Dagon, which would become the main influence on An Eldritch Place. I always wanted to adapt that novel into something and actually, when I was younger, I tried to make a series of comics, but I had to scrap that and never pursued that career. Anyway, after reading Dagon I became obsessed with Lovecraft and read everything of his. After that I noticed his strong influence on everything I had read from Stephen King and several other authors as well.

What I really liked about his stories is the sense of vertigo you get when reading because at some point it forces you to think about the cosmos. It’s deep and sort of terrifying but not because of monsters but because we realize how insignificant we are in the whole universe…

(...) narra la historia de Abdel (Habib Ben Tanfous), quien tras aceptar un puesto de trabajo de vigilante nocturno a las órdenes de Francis (L. Philips), no tardará en descubrir el escondite secreto que éste guarda en su garaje. Este descubrimiento llevará a Abdel a los límites de nuestro universo y de su propia cordura.

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An Eldritch Place [Carkosa Films]

Francés, 2016
Corto, Mitos

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