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Let the Children Come to Me (2013)

Mark ShiremanEscritor

Children are disappearing in Aylesbury, Massachusetts. Over the past 8 months, poor children, workers at a local textile mill, have vanished under mysterious circumstances. Such a situation should be cause for panic and uproar, except that most of the children reappear after a few days, just as suddenly and mysteriously as they disappeared, each perfectly fine and claiming that nothing happened. Investigators will be challenged to the edge of sanity and beyond as they examine whether the horrors of the Mythos are indeed worse than the evils which mankind can inflict upon itself…


Island of Ignorance – The Third Cthulhu CompanionGolden Goblin Press2013

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Let the Children Come to Me

Inglés, 2013
Escenario, La Llamada de Cthulhu

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