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Wrath of the Sulfurer (2015)

Dave SokolowskiEscritor

La Soufrière (The Sulfurer), a volcano on the island of St. Vincent, erupts for the second time in twenty years, sending ash and smoke across the island. Shortly after a group of geologists heads out to conduct scientific research, a half-crazed and bloodied missionary arrives, raving of ancient writings in caves uncovered by the erupting volcano. Investigators may attempt to evacuate the other missionaries trapped at the foot of La Soufrière, locate the geological team, or explore and document the cave writings before they are once again hidden. However, something ancient, inhuman, and evil lurks within the black smoke of the Sulfurer.


Tales of the CaribbeanGolden Goblin PressOct 2016

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Wrath of the Sulfurer
Inglés, 2015
Escenario, La Llamada de Cthulhu

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Volcán ●●●
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San Vicente (inicial)
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