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Servant of God (2015)

Jeff MoellerEscritor

Monsignor Valdez, Postulator of the Vatican, is dead. His body discovered as a dry, empty husk, in his bed at the Hotel Inglaterra, in Havana, with no sign of foul play. Msgr. Valdez had been doing the initial round of investigation on a petition for sainthood for Fr. Fernando de Seville, a 16th Century Spanish Inquisitor who moved to Cuba and established a monastic order. Msgr. Valdez’s first task was to locate the body of Fr. Fernando and ensure that no idolatrous cult has grown around the candidate. Alas, Fr. Fernando's body was not in its crypt where it belonged. The investigators soon become drawn into finding out just who (or what) killed Msgr. Valdez, and why?


Tales of the CaribbeanGolden Goblin PressOct 2016

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Servant of God
Inglés, 2015
Escenario, La Llamada de Cthulhu

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1920s ●●

La Habana (inicial)
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