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Night Forms a Cover for Sinners (2015)

Óscar RíosEscritor

When a leading scholar publishes the definitive guide to his homeland’s myths and folklore; he drops a single chapter from the manuscript. The legend is simply too fantastic and frightening to be made public. It is a story of ancient evil, eternal life, fantastical creatures, and powerful magic. When a friend decides to continue the scholar’s research, in the hopes that it may lead to the fabled Fountain of Youth, the investigators soon learn that the truth is far more terrifying than the legends.


Tales of the CaribbeanGolden Goblin PressOct 2016

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Night Forms a Cover for Sinners
Inglés, 2015
Escenario, La Llamada de Cthulhu

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1920s ●●

San Juan (intermedia)
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