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A Casa Maldita (2008)

José Manuel LopesTraductor

The Shunned House (1924, inglés) 2 opiniones

H.P. Lovecraft 89 opinionesEscritor

Publicado por primera vez en Weird Tales en octubre de 1937 (enlace), siete meses después del fallecimiento de Lovecraft.

Howard Phillips Lovecraft died last March, at the height of his career. Though only forty-six years of age, he had built up an international reputation by the artistry and impeccable literary craftmanship of his weird tales; and he was regarded on both sides of the Atlantic as probably the greatest contemporary master of weird fiction. His ability to create and sustain a mood of brooding dread and unnamable horror is nowhere better shown than in the posthumous tale presented here: "The Shunned House".

Os Melhores Contos de Howard Phillips Lovecraft Volume 3Saída de EmergênciaAgo 2008

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A Casa Maldita
Portugués, 2008

The Shunned House
Inglés, 1924
Relato, Ajeno


casa misteriosa ●●●
legado familiar ●●
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