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Voice on the Phone (2017)

Mike MasonEscritor
Sandy Petersen 46 opinionesEscritor

As youngsters, Diego Lopez and his younger brother Juan were close. While Diego had the street smarts, Juan was more academically minded and his parents pushed him to make something of his life away from the streets and gangs of Dallas. Of course, Juan just wanted to be like his brother. Both boys seemed destined for a gang lifestyle; however, Juan’s life was to take a different turn…

A tale of two brothers set in the violent world of gang culture.

Petersen's Abominations - Five Epic Tales of Modern Horror 7 opinionesChaosiumNov 2017

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Voice on the Phone

Inglés, 2017
Escenario, La Llamada de Cthulhu

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Dallas (inicial)
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