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Westmark Manor (2020)

Aventura 3D - Tercera persona - Puzles - Terror - Lovecraftiano - Un jugador


What lurks in the darkest corners of the mansion? Face your fears to uncover the terrifying secrets held within. It will not give them up willingly though, it will test your worth with mysteries to solve, and push your sanity to the edge of madness, or maybe, beyond... Taunting you, testing you...You will need all your wits and bravery to face the darkness and the terrors it holds, whilst trying to stay alive. Only the esoteric few will succeed.

Do you have what it takes?

Westmark Manor is a journey into the occult, a mind-bending survival horror game, with a heavy focus on solving puzzles and exploration, inspired by the formidable H.P. Lovecraft.


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Westmark Manor

Inglés, 2020
Aventura gráfica, Tangencial

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