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Beyond the Mine of Kyrolls (2021)

Lewis DaviesDirector
  • 13 min | Reino Unido | Inglés | Lewix Productions
  • Un joven que busca el conocimiento prohibido invoca al dios demonio "Kyrolls" en lo más profundo de una mina de carbón.

    Since Halloween is coming up, I wrote a short story inspired of the work by H P Lovecraft. It was seemed to be a right time to do something for Halloween-related.

    I've been thinking of doing my own Lovecraftian story for a very long time and even have plans to make a short film based on this story. For now, I hope you have a great read of my short story in the dark style of Lovecraft.

    Beyond the Mines of Kyrolls - A Lovecraftian Story by LewisDaviesPictures on DeviantArt (Oct 28, 2020)


    My new short film inspired of the work by H P Lovecraft. This is something I've been thinking on doing since 2009.

    New Film: Beyond the Mine of Kyrolls (2021) by LewisDaviesPictures on DevianArt

    "A young man who goes on a request to find the forbidden knowledge that summons the demon god named "Kyrolls" buried underneath the coal mine after many decades".

    This is something I've been doing for a really long time. I was thinking of making my Lovecraftian short film for many years and I had finally able to make a film inspired of the work by H. P. Lovecraft.

    This is also my major project that I have to work on for the college. I have some trouble with the editing and the rendering, despite from many glitches and a little clumsy editing, I finally able to finish the film.

    I would like to say a special thank you to Daffadd Rees who take part for the role.

    Enjoy my Lovecraftian short film!

    Beyond the Mine of Kyrolls - Lovecraftian Short Film (2021) - YouTube

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    Beyond the Mine of Kyrolls

    Inglés, 2021
    Corto, Mitos

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