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The Shore Of Madness (2001)

Ann K. SchwaderEscritora
Susan McAdamActriz
Steve LinesCompositor

STRANGE AEONS: "The Shore Of Madness" - Poema escrito por Ann K. Schwader (basado en el relato The Hounds of Tindalos (1929, Literatura) de Frank Belknap Long) interpretado (voz) por Susan McAdam. Música y efectos de sonido (FX) por Steve Lines.

On wings of alchemy I chased the past through ebb and flow of all humanity, beheld Atlantis vanquished by the sea, then backward further still - until at last the simplest cells winked out of sight as angled time replaced the purer curve of mundane being.

Stricken to the nerve, I glanced about in a light that was not light and found myself upon the other side: that ghost-grey shore where silence writhes and shrieks, where there is never anywhere to hide. A wind is rising now that steams and reeks like daemon’s breath....... dear God, I know those sounds...... the nightmare baying of Tind'losi Hounds!

Strange AeonsRainfall Records2001

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The Shore Of Madness
Inglés, 2001
Ambient, Mitos

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obra: The Hounds of Tindalos (1929) ●●
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