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Bride of Re-Animator (La novia de Re-Animator) (1990)

Rick FryGuionista (cine)
Woody KeithGuionista (cine)
Brian YuznaGuionista (cine)
Brian YuznaDirector
Jeffrey CombsActor

96 mins | Estados Unidos | Inglés | IMDb

Eight months after the events of Re-Animator, Dr. Herbert West (Jeffrey Combs) and Dr. Dan Cain (Bruce Abbott) are working as medics in the middle of a bloody Peruvian civil war. In the chaos of battle and with plenty of casualties to work on, they are free to experiment with West's re-animation reagent. When their medical tent is stormed by the other side's frontlines, West and Cain decide to return to home to Arkham, Massachusetts. There, Cain resumes his former job as a doctor at Miskatonic University Hospital and West returns to a basement laboratory to continue his research.

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Bride of Re-Animator (La novia de Re-Animator)

Inglés, 1990
Película, Ajeno


Herbert West Reanimator ●●
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