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The Howler (1932)

H.P. Lovecraft 108 opinionesEscritor

They told me not to take the Briggs’ Hill path

That used to be the highroad through to Zoar,

For Goody Watkins, hanged in seventeen-four,

Had left a certain monstrous aftermath.

Yet when I disobeyed, and had in view

The vine-hung cottage by the great rock slope,

I could not think of elms or hempen rope,

But wondered why the house still seemed so new.

Stopping a while to watch the fading day,

I heard faint howls, as from a room upstairs,

When through the ivied panes one sunset ray

Struck in, and caught the howler unawares.

I glimpsed—and ran in frenzy from the place,

And from a four-pawed thing with human face.

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The Howler
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