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Weapons and Accessories (2005)

Rod BaslerEscritor

This section describes objects that may be directly used as weapons – they are either purpose-built (like bowie knives), or are common tools and implements that have historically been used for weapons (such as hatchets and sledgehammers, butcher knives and ice picks.) Also included are various accessories for firearms and melee weapons, such as holsters, cleaning kits, magazines, sights, and slings. It does not include the near-infinite variety of tools and household devices that can be used as weapons; investigators in a tight spot are heartily encouraged to peruse the chapters on “Tools” or "Hardware" and use their devious imaginations.

The Gaslight Equipment Catalogue 5 opinionesChaosium MonographAgo 2005

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Weapons and Accessories

Inglés, 2005
Guía, La Llamada de Cthulhu

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