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Reconocimiento (2009)

Héctor LordaTraductor

Recognition (1936, inglés)

H. P. Lovecraft 108 opinionesEscritor

IV. Recognition

The day had come again, when as a child

I saw - just once - that hollow of old oaks,

Grey with a ground-mist that enfolds and chokes

The slinking shapes which madness has defiled.

It was the same - an herbage rank and wild

Clings round an altar whose carved sign invokes

That Nameless One to whom a thousand smokes

Rose, aeons gone, from unclean towers up-piled.

I saw the body spread on that dank stone,

And knew those things which feasted were not men;

I knew this strange, grey world was not my own,

But Yuggoth, past the starry voids - and then

The body shrieked at me with a dead cry,

And all too late I knew that it was I!

La guarida del horror 1 opinionesPanini Comics2009

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Español, 2009

Inglés, 1936
Poesía, Mitos

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