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Escape Velocity (2008)

John OssowayEscritor

"Escape Velocity is a short Cthulhu Rising adventure for a group of up to six players, designed to be played in one gaming session. Set in its entirety onboard the Jovian Discoverer IV, an orbital gas-mining platform (or ‘rig’) in Jupiter orbit, the adventure assumes that the

Investigators are all convict-workers whose prison contracts have been purchased by the corporate owners of the mining platform as part of the Penal Involuntary Servitude program (see Keeper’s Information 4 for more details).

The adventure is designed to play out like a horror-action movie, and from the start the investigators are against the clock. The mining platform is falling into Jupiter’s gravity well, and they have a fi nite amount of time to overcome a series of obstacles and formulate an escape plan before the platform is destroyed by the crushing atmospheric pressure.

Will they reach escape velocity in time..?"

—John Ossoway.

Jovian NightmaresChaosium Monograph2009

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Escape Velocity
Inglés, 2008
Escenario, La Llamada de Cthulhu

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