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The Shadow Out of Time (2015)

Pete Von Sholly 2 opinionesIlustrador
'Yithian society'

"Members of the Great Race of Yith mingling in the moist and verdant glow of Permian earth", "In dreams come memories of various entities that Peaslee communed with and read about in his days back in time, when his mind was transplanted into an alien form", "Yithian society" (imagen wiki), "A Yithian looms over an human", "Travelling through a Permian jungle and observing the flora and fauna, a Yithian takes it all in" (imagen obra), "Great undersea craft cruise to depths of the prehistoric seas, discovering vast unknown monsters!", "A city in the Australian desert is unearthed by shifting sands and howling desert winds", "Yithian battling their most hated foes", "The shades of the long vanquished subterranean dwellers try to stop Peaslee from escaping the sunken ruins of a once great metropolis", "Peaslee finds the secret".

Ilustraciones basadas en el relato The Shadow Out of Time (1935, Literatura) publicadas originalmente en Lovecraft Illustrated Volume 4 - The Shadow out of Time (2015).

Pete Von Sholly's Lovecraft Illustrated 5 opinionesClover PressOct 2020
Lovecraft Illustrated Volume 4 - The Shadow out of TimePS PublishingFeb 2015

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The Shadow Out of Time

Inglés, 2015
Ilustración, Mitos


The Shadow Out of Time (1935) ●●
Gran raza de Yith 9 opiniones
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