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The Dragon and the Wolf (2008)

John W. ThompsonEscritor

A cool autumn wind shakes leaves from the trees as you enter the village of Wroxeter. It is said that this was once one of the largest Roman cities in Britain. Now, fragments of a great wall and some crumbling foundations are all that remains. Interspersed within and around these shadows of yesterday’s greatness is a humble village of just a dozen or so families. They watch you cautiously as you approach, men, women and even children with a bow or knife at hand, ready to fight. These villagers are hard, strong folk of Saxon heritage. These are the ones who stayed after the more fearful have fled to Shrewsbury. Yet, even in their eyes, you can see the hint of fear. This Black Wolf must be a fierce beast indeed to trouble these folk.

Un escenario para Cthulhu Dark Ages (2004).

The Bride of Halloween HorrorChaosium MonographOct 2008

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22-10-2015 09:31

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Época: año 999

Localización: Wroxeter, reino de Wessex

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Tags: edad media, fin del mundo, dragón, halloween

Seres: hunting horror, werewolf, horned man

Hechizos: cloud memory, enthrall, fear, invoke horned man, power drain, shriveling, augur, heal, bless blade, exaltation, body warping, fury, become spectral, blindess, demon sight, shield, winds of desolation, alter weather, command animal, summon wild hunt

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The Dragon and the Wolf

Inglés, 2008
Escenario, La Llamada de Cthulhu

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