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Digging for a Dead God (2015)

John Wick 1 opinionesEscritor
Jessica KauspedasIlustradora

Digging for a Dead God (2009, inglés)

John Wick 1 opinionesEscritor
Aaron AcevedoIlustrador
In May of 1939, somewhere in the jungles of Africa, a small band of soldiers have stumbled across something ancient. Something terrible. And they are about to suffer the consequences.

Digging for a Dead God is a one-night scenario for Call of Cthulhu. Is not a linear adventure. Instead, it is like a sandbox game: you have characters and environments and certain events that occur, but there is no step-by-step, clue-by-clue progress...The whole experience rest on your players.

Curse of the Yellow SignJohn Wick PresentsNov 2015

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Digging for a Dead God
Inglés, 2015

Digging for a Dead God
Inglés, 2009
Escenario, La Llamada de Cthulhu

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