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The Dark Stone from Mebara (2015)

Jerseyware is proud to announce “THE DARK STONE FROM MEBARA”, an H. P. Lovecraft-inspired PC RPG available now! Set in 1924 Massachusetts, take the role of Detective Monroe, Professor Webley, and Boss Pendleton of the Pendleton Agency, all of whom have come to possess an eerie black rock with strange properties. Battle vicious cultists in a race to discover the stone’s cosmic origins! Visit famous Lovecraftian settings while managing your party against poisons and sanity loss! Come face-to-face with unspeakable horrors, all as you struggle to unravel the truth behind…THE DARK STONE FROM MEBARA!

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26-09-2017 01:05

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Lo tenéis por 1,09€ en Bundle Stars junto con otros 49 juegos incluidos en ese euro y pico. Muy malo tiene que ser todo para que no compense... :D

Tal como se dijo:

Publisher: KISS ltd

Genres: Adventure, Indie, RPG

Modes: Single-player

Features: Steam Trading Cards

Based on the mythology created by H.P. Lovecraft, The Dark Stone From Mebara is set in 1924 Massachusetts.

Take on the roles of Arthur Pendleton owner of the Pendleton Detective Agency and his two employees – Detective Aloysius Monroe and Professor Webley.

The team has come in to procession of an eerie black rock with strange properties. As they try to discover the stones cosmic origins, they find themselves battling against madness, vicious cultists, and unspeakable horrors!

Will they discover the truth behind…THE DARK STONE FROM MEBARA?

Key Features:

- An original adventure based on the works of H.P. Lovecraft.

- Explore fully realised towns, buildings and more.

- Battle challenging foes & cast powerful spells in a classic ATB system

- High quality period visuals

- Custom spell learning and detailed level-up displays.

© Jerseyware Gaming LLC

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26-09-2017 12:19

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No, pero han salido un montón de RPGs estilo 16 bits con cosas lovecraftianas. Creo que los hacen todos con el RPG Maker o algo por el estilo.



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The Dark Stone from Mebara

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