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Behind the Wall of Sleep (1970)

Black SabbathCompositor

"Behind the Wall of Sleep" is a reference to the H. P. Lovecraft short story Beyond the Wall of Sleep.

Precious cups within the flower / Deadly petals with strange power / Faces shine a deadly smile / Back up on you at your trial / Chill and numbs from head to toe / Icy sun with frosty glow / Why'd you go reaching your sorrow? / Why'd you go read no tomorrow / Feel your spirit rise with the priest / Feel your body falling to its knees / Take your walk of remorse / Take your body to a corpse / Take your body to a corpse / Take your body to a corpse / If you want all remorse / Take your body to a corpse / Now from darkness, there springs light / Wall of Sleep is cold and bright / Wall of Sleep is lying broken /Sun shines in, you are awoken

Black SabbathVertigo RecordsFeb 1970

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Behind the Wall of Sleep
Inglés, 1970
Heavy, Mitos

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