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Higher Fire: Breaking Me Down (2013)

The Witch House BandCompositor

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May the Lord bless me, protect me from evil and bring me to everlasting life.

Holy Spirit, lead me to a better understanding of the Cross of Christ!

"Our Father, who art in heaven..."


Between Mazurewicz’s unrelenting prayers and Walter’s fanatical devotion to his mathematical studies, he didn’t get much rest. The longer we lived in the house, Father, the more obsessed he became. The strain on him was terrible. The doctor said he had some kind of "brain fever", but Walter swore it had something to do with the irregular shape of his garret room.

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Dreams in the Witch House - A Lovecraftian Rock Opera 3 opinionesThe H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society2013

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Higher Fire: Breaking Me Down
Inglés, 2013
Rock, Mitos

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