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The Sacrifice / No Turning Back (Reprise) (2013)

The Witch House BandCompositor

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Gilman was horrified, Father. He saw the missing baby there on the witch’s altar, a huge knife, a ritual bowl, and something in him finally snapped free.


Thank God for that!


Walter sacrificed himself, Father. Even as he heard the chanting coming from Meadow Hill, he wrenched the knife from the old woman’s claws, sending it clattering away into some nether world within his dream. She and Brown Jenkin fought back with tooth and nail, and as she choked him he felt the chain of the crucifix grinding into his neck.

He pulled it free and his own hands reached out for the witch’s throat. Before she saw what he was doing he had the chain of the crucifix twisted around her neck!

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Dreams in the Witch House - A Lovecraftian Rock Opera 3 opinionesThe H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society2013

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The Sacrifice / No Turning Back (Reprise)
Inglés, 2013
Rock, Mitos

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