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C is for Cthulhu [The Linus Pauling Quartet's Official Video] (2014)

Ramon MedinaDirector

7 mins | Estados Unidos | Inglés

The Linus Pauling Quartet's C is for Cthulhu Official Video (2014)

"C is for Cthulhu" is the band’s unique retelling of the Cthulhu mythos starring Stevie Sims and Makana Clemons as intrepid and fearless archaeologists who seek that which should be left unknown. Employing a rugged captain and his trusty crew (The LP4’s Charlie Ebersbaker with Clinton Heider and Stephen Finley), they sail to the fabled R’lyeh to meet their fate.

The new video was described by The Big Takeover as "insanely ambitious" and by the Houston Press as a "monumental work" . Over a year was spent building sets, crafting a stop motion Cthulhu from Scratch, as well as shooting stop motion sequences and live actors. It’s easily the biggest video the band has made to date.

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C is for Cthulhu [The Linus Pauling Quartet's Official Video]

Inglés, 2014
Corto, Humor

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The Call of Cthulhu
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