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KAZERIA began its activities on 2008. Its name is a distorted way to write the word "hunting" in Spanish, and it's used as a sign of counter-culture. Hunting is one of the most dramatic and intense experiences in life: an act of survival, and also a spiritual quest.

In ancient cultures, hunters are involved with arts and they celebrate rites about hunting. On the same sense KAZERIA incarnates intense and complex aesthetic full of epic visions, esoteric subjects and the occult, through sounds of rise, glory and decadence of past and brighter ages.

A Three-lobbed Burning Eye (The Haunter of the Dark)2010Compositor
Dark Peaks (Lat. 76º 15', Long. 113º 10' E) (At the Mountains of Madness)2010Compositor
The Chronicles of The Great Race (The Shadow out of Time)2010Compositor
Before The Altar of Dagon (The Shadow Over Innsmouth)2010Compositor

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