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Los locos años 20, época habitual de los juegos de rol lovecraftianos.

Obras asociadas
The Terror From the Museum2013Media
The Tenement2013Media
Place Manor2013Media
A Night at the Opera2013Media
The Lonely Point Lighthouse2013Media
Let the Children Come to Me2013Media
The Fishers of Men2013Media
Értóng hé Küqì de Mûqïn (The Child and the Weeping Mother)2013Media
The Dreamlands Express2013Media
Dead Light2013Media
Darkness Illuminated2013Media
Bread or Stone2013Media
To Awaken What Never Sleeps2013Media
The Vengeful Dead2012Media
The timeless sands of India2012Media
Starfall Over the Plateau of Leng2012Media
Curse of the Screaming Skull2012Media
The Bitter Venom of the Gods2012Media
An Unsettled Mind2012Media
A Dream of Japan2012Media
Uisge Beatha ("The Water of Life")2011Media
Twilight Time (or, One Step Back For Two Steps Forward)2011Media
Turn To Stone2011Media
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