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Atomic-Age Cthulhu

Una recopilación de siete escenarios para la Llamada de Cthulhu ambientados en la década de los 50 del Siglo XX.

NEVER BEFORE had the world faced a threat as potentially devastating as the A-bomb—and the even more lethal H-bomb that followed. Educational films showed how to “survive” a nuclear blast by crawling under a desk, as if a few inches of wood made any difference. In movie theaters, classic monsters of the ‘30s and ’40s were replaced by atom-spawned horrors. Unseen enemies were everywhere: from devilish rock-and-roll music to morally-corrupt books such as Lolita and Catcher in the Rye. Comic-books corrupted the minds of our youths, and godless Communists constituted a red menace to be stopped using any means necessary.

ATOMIC-AGE CTHULHU brings Lovecraftian horror roleplaying into the post-war golden age. Here you find background and history that led to the development of the 1950s world, along with new skills and professions for your investigators. A number of Sinister Seeds are included to help you grow your own ‘50s horrors, but seven complete adventures are ready for you to spring on your unsuspecting players.

0Cover (for "Atomic-Age Cthulhu")Caleb Cleveland
1Introduction (to "Atomic-Age Cthulhu")Brian Sammons
2This Village Was Made for UsChristopher Smith Adair
3TV CasualtiesMatt Sanborn
4The Return of Old ReliableÓscar Ríos
5Forgotten WarsBrian Sammons
6High OctaneTom Lynch
7L.A. DiabolicalBrian Courtemanche
8Destroying Paradise, Hawaiian StyleMichael Dziesinski
91950s Sinister SeedsChristopher Smith Adair, Brian Courtemanche, Tom Lynch, Brian Sammons, Matt Sanborn
101950s SourcebookMatt Sanborn

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Atomic-Age Cthulhu

Inglés, 224 págs.
Escenarios, La Llamada de Cthulhu
Chaosium (CHA23122), 2013
ISBN: 9781568823669

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Atomic-Age Cthulhu 224 Chaosium 9781568823669
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