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The Children of Cthulhu

0Introduction: The Call of LovecraftBenjamin Adams, John Pelan
1Details 1 opinionesChina Miéville4.00
2VisitationJames Robert Smith
3The Invisible EmpireJames Van Pelt
4A Victorian Pot DresserL.H. Maynard, M.P.N. Sims
5The Cabin in the WoodsRichard Laymon
6The Stuff of the Stars, LeakingTim Lebbon
7Sour PlacesMark Chadbourn
8Meet Me on the Other SideYvonne Navarro
9That's the Story of My LifeBenjamin Adams, John Pelan
10Long Meg and Her DaughtersPaul Finch
11A Fatal Exception Has Occurred At...Alan Dean Foster
12Dark of the MoonJames S. Dorr
13Red ClayMichael Reaves
14Principles and ParametersMeredith L. Patterson
15Are You Loathsome Tonight?Poppy Z. Brite
16The Serenade of StarlightW.H. Pugmire
17OutsideSteve Rasnic Tem
18Nor the Demons Down Under the Sea (1957) 2 opinionesCaitlín R. Kiernan4.00
19The Spectacle of a ManWeston Ochse
20The Firebrand SymphonyBrian Hodge
21TeethMatt Cardin

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The Children of Cthulhu

Inglés, 480 págs.
Antología colectiva, Dedicado
Ballantine Books, Ene 2002
ISBN: 0345449266

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The Children of Cthulhu 480 Ballantine Books 0345449266
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