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Song of Cthulhu

0Introduction (to "Song of Cthulhu: Tales of the Spheres Beyond Sound")Stephen Mark Rainey
1The Music of Erich ZannH. P. Lovecraft9.33
2The Dark Beauty of Unheard HorrorsThomas Ligotti
3In the Rue d'AuseilFred Chappell
4The Plain of Sound 1 opinionesRamsey Campbell5.50
5The Last Show at Verdi's Supper ClubStephen Mark Rainey
6Water Music for the Tillers of SoilTom Piccirilli
7Shallow FathomsM. Christian
8How Nyarlathotep Rocked Our WorldGregory Nicoll
9ListenJames Robert Smith
10MudBrian McNaughton
11PaedomorphosisCaitlín R. Kiernan
12IntrudersHugh B. Cave
13ChantRobert Weinberg
14Ghoul's Tale: A Narrative from the Necronomicon Transcribed from the Dee EditionRobert M. Price
15The Next Big ThingRob Suggs
16The FlautistsEdward P. Berglund
17Fall from GraceD.F. Lewis
18DrumsWilliam R. Trotter
19The Enchanting of Lila WoodsE.A. Lustig
20Yog-Sothoth, SuperstarThomas F. Monteleone

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Song of Cthulhu

Inglés, 200 págs.
Antología colectiva, Dedicado
Chaosium, Jul 2001
ISBN: 9781568821177

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Song of Cthulhu 200 Chaosium 9781568821177
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