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Lovecraft Illustrated Volume 10 - The Mound

The Mound is possibly the "undiscovered Lovecraft" epic—long relegated to the dust-bin of so-called "revisions" this short novel comes very close to the quality and scope of Lovecraft’s finest, rivaling even The Shadow Out of Time or At the Mountains of Madness in scope.

It tells of a hidden underground world and details no less than another history of life on our planet, evoking Cthulhu, Yig and Clark Ashton Smith’s Tsathoggua, their disciples and some grisly re-animated corpse variations sure to curdle the blood of the imaginative reader!

—Pete Von Sholly

0Cover for "Lovecraft Illustrated Volume 10"Pete Von Sholly
1Illustrations (for "The Mound")Pete Von Sholly
2Introduction (to "The Mound")?S.T. Joshi
3The MoundZealia Bishop, H.P. Lovecraft7.67
4Who Wrote "The Mound"??S.T. Joshi
5"The Mound"; An Appreciation?Peter Cannon
6Afterword: Some Notes on "The Mound"?Pete Von Sholly

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Lovecraft Illustrated Volume 10 - The Mound

Inglés, 119 págs.
Antología colectiva, Dedicado
PS Publishing (PS Pulps Library), Oct 2016
ISBN: 9781786360458

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Lovecraft Illustrated Volume 10 - The Mound 119 PS Publishing 9781786360458
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