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Lovecraft Illustrated Volume 11 - The Haunter of the Dark

Ilustración obra de Pete Von Sholly para The Haunter of the Dark

The Haunter of the Dark is presented here with the Robert Bloch story that inspired it, The Shambler from the Stars, and Bloch’s later rejoinder, The Shadow from the Steeple, which comprise a trilogy of sorts. The Haunter provides a glimpse into a dark sect and their secret laid in an old Providence church. Also included is The Thing on the Doorstep, an identity swapping tale of fiendish proportions and the short but powerful piece, Nyarlathotep, perhaps a prescient and chilling glimpse into our future?

—Pete Von Sholly

Not only is the title story included but several short stories beyond "The Haunter of the Dark" are presented with Von Sholly’s excellently appropriate illustrations. "The Thing on the Doorstep" (and an essay entitled "Excised Passages in 'The Thing on the Doorstep'" by S. T. Joshi), Robert Bloch’s "The Shambler from the Stars", "Sonnet XXI - Nyarlathotep" from HPL’s "Fungi from Yuggoth", another Bloch story "The Shadow from the Steeple", "The Spider" by Hanns Heinz Ewers, "Some Antecedents of the Shining Trapezohedron" an essay by Steven J. Mariconda, "The 'Haunter' Letters" by Lovecraft which includes excerpts of letters between Bloch, Lovecraft and Willis Conover (a younger writer with whom HPL corresponded) and "A Eulogy for the Church of 'The Haunter of the Dark' " by Robert Bloch written in response to the razing of the real-life church which figured prominently in Lovecraft’s titular story. - Review by Reber Clark

0Cover (for "Lovecraft Illustrated Volume 11 - The Haunter of the Dark")Pete Von Sholly
1Preface (to "Lovecraft Illustrated Volume 11")?Pete Von Sholly
2Introduction (to "Lovecraft Illustrated Volume 11")?S.T. Joshi
3The Thing on the DoorstepH. P. Lovecraft8.50
4The Thing on the DoorstepPete Von Sholly7.00
5Excised Passages in "The Thing on the Doorstep"S.T. Joshi
6The Haunter of the DarkH. P. Lovecraft9.67
7The Haunter of the DarkPete Von Sholly7.00
8The Shambler from the StarsRobert Bloch8.67
9The Shambler from the StarsPete Von Sholly
10NyarlathotepH. P. Lovecraft6.00
11The Shadow from the SteepleRobert Bloch7.50
12The Shadow from the SteeplePete Von Sholly
13NyarlathotepH. P. Lovecraft6.50
14NyarlathotepPete Von Sholly7.00
15The SpiderHanns Heinz Ewers
16Some Antecedents of the Shining TrapezohedronSteven J. Mariconda
17The "Haunter" Letters?H. P. Lovecraft
18A Eulogy for the Church of "The Haunter of the Dark"?Robert Bloch

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Lovecraft Illustrated Volume 11 - The Haunter of the Dark

Inglés, 178 págs.
Antología colectiva, Dedicado
PS Publishing (PS Pulps Library), Oct 2016
ISBN: 9781786360465

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Lovecraft Illustrated Volume 11 - The Haunter of the Dark 178 PS Publishing 9781786360465
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