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Lovecraft Illustrated Volume 12 - The Case of Charles Dexter Ward

In The Case of Charles Dexter Ward Lovecraft puts forth one of the most horrifying concepts of his career—a trio of grave-robbers are systematically rifling the tombs of the world’s most brilliant men—men who also possessed occult and arcane secrets thought to be long lost. In the hands of these monstrous ghouls, the dead are resurrected from bones and dust and extorted endlessly for their secrets! It’s the story also of a hapless young man who finds he is just a pawn in this deadly game and a doctor who discovers the plot and finds he is the only man who can fight it.

—Pete Von Sholly

0Cover for "Lovecraft Illustrated Volume 12"Pete Von Sholly
1Illustrations for "The Case of Charles Dexter Ward"Pete Von Sholly
2Introduction (to "The Case of Charles Dexter Ward")?S.T. Joshi
3The Case of Charles Dexter WardH.P. Lovecraft8.50
4In Search of the Dread Ancestor: M.R. James’ Count Magnus and Lovecraft’s The Case of Charles Dexter Ward?
5Count Magnus 6 opinionesM.R. James6.00
6Re-Animating Lovecraft?Brent V. Friedman
7Some Thoughts, Observations, and Conundrums with Regard to The Case of Charles Dexter Ward?Pete Von Sholly

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Neddam Bibliotecario
22-08-2017 10:57

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Estos Lovecraft Illustrated, ¿están en PDF?

Gorgo Héroe Bibliotecario
22-08-2017 11:25

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No que yo sepa.

Neddam Bibliotecario
22-08-2017 11:27

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Pues es una lástima, porque en físico a esos precios es como si tampoco estuvieran.

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Lovecraft Illustrated Volume 12 - The Case of Charles Dexter Ward

Inglés, 227 págs.
Antología colectiva, Dedicado
PS Publishing (PS Pulps Library), Oct 2016
ISBN: 9781786360472

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Lovecraft Illustrated Volume 12 - The Case of Charles Dexter Ward 227 PS Publishing 9781786360472
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