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Worlds of Cthulhu Issue #02

H. P. Lovecraft's

Worlds of Cthulhu

The Magazine for Call of Cthulhu

- Issue 2 -

0Cover for "Worlds of Cthulhu Issue #02"François Launet
1The Good, the Bad and the Utterly InsaneFrank Heller
2Wild West Cthulhu character sheetFrank Heller
3The Hunt for Kid RichterFrank Heller
4In the Grip of MadnessJoachim A. Hagen
5The Singer from DholFlorian HardtAdam Crossingham
6A Gazetteer of AveroigneAdam Crossingham, Dan Harms
7The Library of AveroigneDan Harms
8Super 8Andreas Melhorn
9The Icarus ProjectChristof Maser
10Professionally Speaking: the FlapperTina Wessel
11Directives From A-Cell - Conspiracy With a Little ‘C’Adam Scott Glancy
12The Twenty Sides of Terror - New FeatsMark Mearls
13Unspeakable Vault (of Doom)François Launet

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Worlds of Cthulhu Issue #02

Inglés, 130 págs.
Revista, La Llamada de Cthulhu
Pegasus Spiele (PGUWOC02), Feb 2005
ISBN: 9783937826257

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Worlds of Cthulhu Issue #02 130 Pegasus Spiele 9783937826257
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