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Whispers in the Dark

Four scenarios and nearly 30 handouts create hours of gaming and puzzle solving as players travel across the globe to test their mettle against the worst the Mythos has to offer. Within these pages are confrontations with the dread Spider God, a Celtic legend come to life, and a woman obsessed with revenge - who may very well prove the most deadly of all! Also included is a brief bonus scenario that offers a new reason to be terrified of roller coasters...

0Cover for "Whispers in the Dark"?Rodell Sanford Jr.
1InfernoMichael Szymanski
2Web of MemoryMichael Szymanski
3Out of the Celtic TwilightDavid Barras
4End of the WorldDavid Pauwels

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Whispers in the Dark

Inglés, 78 págs.
Escenarios, La Llamada de Cthulhu
Triad Entertainments (0003), Oct 1993

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Whispers in the Dark 78 Triad Entertainments
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