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Fear's Sharp Little Needles

Fear's Sharp Little Needles is a grand collection of Call of Cthulhu 7th edition scenarios in a modern setting (easily convertible to 6th edition). They focus on the darker aspects of horror roleplaying and, as such, are recommended for a mature audience.

More inspired by True Detective and Hannibal than Pulp Horror, these adventures involved mythos corruption of the Human psyche and many feature direct contact with entities from outside space and time.

Ideally suited to one evening's play, they have been written with a compact adventure style and Keepers will need a minimum of preparation time before being able to run them. Each scenario will also have tags in the header image so they can make quick decisions on what to run and then deal with dinner, family, or relaxing before their players arrive.


0Introduction (to "Fear's Sharp Little Needles")Jeff Moeller
1Separation AnxietyJeff Moeller
2UndertowSimon Brake
3Sins of My YouthÓscar Ríos
4Walter’s Final WishJennifer Thrasher, Matt Wiseman
5Whose Fuel is Men and StonesJason Williams
6Pulvis et Umbra SumusMatthew Sanderson
7The Great and Terrible AwtoJo Kreil
8Spilsbury #9485Adam Gauntlett
9Lights OutJoe Trier
10Bone DeepAllan Goodall
11Do Not Call Up That Which You Cannot Put DownBrian Courtemanche
12Hit and RunTyler Hudak
13Remaking the Hatteras ReefAndi Newton
14The SoresHelen Gould
15Up Jumped the ReaperChad J. Bowser
16ResurrectionStuart Boon
17Waiting to be BornChristopher Smith Adair
18Unland 2 opinionesScott Dorward9.00
19The Focus GroupSimon Yee
20DissociationMatthew Sanderson
21Poetry NightÓscar Ríos
22The Tormiss CRD, Model Z-17Andi Newton
23Ghosts of RavenscarGlynn Owen Barrass
24The Special MenuAdam Gauntlett, Brian Sammons
25The Winoka Point Research CenterÓscar Ríos
26PhlebotomyJeff Moeller

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Fear's Sharp Little Needles

Inglés, 200 págs.
Escenarios, La Llamada de Cthulhu
Stygian Fox (SFX-3005), Jun 2018

6.50, 7 dueños
Fear's Sharp Little Needles 200 Stygian Fox
6.50 10 0 7
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