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The Unquiet Void - Poisoned Dreams

Primer álbum de la trilogía lovecraftiana del artista Jason Wallach (The Unquiet Void).

Deciphering Poisoned Dreams

In 2000 I read the S.T. Joshi H.P. Lovecraft biography, Lovecraft: A Life. At the time I was having a bout with my own personal darkness and the pieces came together. I knew I wanted to do a third album and I knew it was going to be inspired by Lovecraft, but that's all I had. It was in 2001, when I saw the Stuart Gordon film Dagon, that I realized the structure for my project.

In Gordon's film, screenwriter Denis Paoli integrated two of Lovecraft's stories: Dagon (1917) and The Shadow Over Innsmouth (1935) as if a prophecy were to unfold. I realized that Lovecraft might've been painting a much larger picture rather than just penning short stories. I wanted to tell the unfolding of events which would set in motion that which cannot be undone.

Firstly I needed to establish what said prophecy is - the reawakening of Kutulu (Cthulhu). Then I needed to establish the means to the end, the who, what, when, where and why of it. So again, I turned to the written page and did not stray from it - the material was far too rich and substantial to substitute any part of it. So I will now detail the process with which Poisoned Dreams was realized and crafted:

0A Troubled, Dream-Infested SlumberJason Wallach
1Cyclopean MonolithJason Wallach
2NecronomiconJason Wallach
3Return to InnsmouthJason Wallach
4The Esoteric OrderJason Wallach
5The Shadow Over InnsmouthJason Wallach
6We Shall Dive Down Through Black AbyssesJason Wallach
7R'lyeh RerisenJason Wallach

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The Unquiet Void - Poisoned Dreams

Inglés, 8 págs.
Álbum, Ambient
Middle Pillar Presents (MPP980), 2004

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The Unquiet Void - Poisoned Dreams 8 Middle Pillar Presents
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