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Arkham Radio - Sounds from the Void

This is a music album that can be used as a companion for tabletop games, studying and reading Lovecraftian tomes. You can use it for your horror themed Role Playing Games, LARPs or whilst reading horror stories on a long night. This music is defined as dark drone, a sub-genre of dark ambient.

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0Transmission 01Marcin Kazmierczak
1Transmission 02Marcin Kazmierczak
2Transmission 03Marcin Kazmierczak
3Transmission 04Marcin Kazmierczak
4Transmission 05Marcin Kazmierczak
5Transmission 06Marcin Kazmierczak
6Transmission 07Marcin Kazmierczak
7Transmission 08Marcin Kazmierczak
8Transmission 09Marcin Kazmierczak
9Transmission 10Marcin Kazmierczak

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Arkham Radio - Sounds from the Void

Inglés, 10 págs.
Álbum, Ambient
Autoedición, 2019

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Arkham Radio - Sounds from the Void 10 Autoedición
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