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Shadows over Normandie - Cthulhu Mythos Call #1

Una ampliación para el juego Shadows over Normandie (2015).

Some thought that with the destruction of the Deep One village, peace had returned on Normandy and the shadows of Madness had dispersed. In the shadows, new tokens move and threaten this appearance of “peace”. The war is continuing elsewhere in a more “conventional” way.

From foggy corners of the Normandy countryside, the Sons of Cthulhu begin to chant their dark prayers to their god who is equally.

In villages deserted by war, a mad scientist tries terrible experiments on the dead in action. A new life seems to be rising, accompanied by the roar of those who should not walk anymore.

To combat these horrors, a new investigator brings his grimoires, loaded with spells, incantations, all more disturbing than the others. Be careful that they do not fall into the wrong handsor “Cthulhu” knows what horrors will cross the mystical barriers of our world … why not a Shoggoth?

"una nueva facción y nuevas criaturas y personajes con los que seguir viviendo aventuras, entre las novedades destaca Herbert P. Lovecraft, un reanimador que podrá devolver la vida a los soldados caídos y los convertirá en peligrosos zombis."

0Shadows over Normandie - Cthulhu Mythos Call #1

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Shadows over Normandie - Cthulhu Mythos Call #1

Inglés, 1 págs.
Ampliación, Otros
Devil Pig Games, 2015

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Shadows over Normandie - Cthulhu Mythos Call #1 1 Devil Pig Games
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