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Lovecraft Illustrated Volume 17 - The Curse of Yig

In this volume are five stories that really belong in the Lovecraft canon, even though they have been presented previously as “revisions”. From Lovecraft’s letters we know that he wrote these stories from ridiculously scrappy notes and/or some very poor prose and that he wrote (or re-wrote) them fresh from beginning to end himself. Many of HPL’s “mythos” creations appear in these tales and there is much to enjoy for fans who think they have read everything by HPL and are looking for more. Oddly, at least one “revision” has been presented by Arkham House as a Lovecraft story (Under the Pyramids) and many have not. We have already addressed 'The Mound' in a previous book and these others fit comfortably along side that gem as more real Lovecraft fiction.

0Cover (for "Lovecraft Illustrated Volume 17 - The Curse of Yig")Pete Von Sholly
1Introduction (to "Lovecraft Illustrated Volume 17")S.T. Joshi
2The Curse of YigZealia Bishop, H. P. Lovecraft7.00
3The Curse of YigPete Von Sholly8.00
4Medusa's CoilZealia Bishop, H. P. Lovecraft6.50
5Medusa's CoilPete Von Sholly
6The Horror in the Museum 1 opinionesHazel Heald, H. P. Lovecraft6.75
7The Horror in the MuseumPete Von Sholly
8Out of the AeonsHazel Heald, H. P. Lovecraft7.33
9Out of the AeonsPete Von Sholly
10The Diary of Alonzo TyperH. P. Lovecraft, William Lumley6.33
11The Diary of Alonzo TyperPete Von Sholly
12The Shadows out of the Madness of the Horrors in the TextsPete Von Sholly
13Smother’d by Night-GauntsW.H. Pugmire
14Did Lovecraft Write Lovecraft Pastiches?Robert M. Price

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Lovecraft Illustrated Volume 17 - The Curse of Yig

Inglés, 208 págs.
Antología propia, Dedicado
PS Publishing (PS Pulps Library), Feb 2018
ISBN: 9781786363091

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Lovecraft Illustrated Volume 17 - The Curse of Yig 208 PS Publishing 9781786363091
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