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Full Fathom Five

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You’ve been at sea for 13 months. There’s salt in your beard, and weevils in your biscuits!

Taking inspiration from Moby Dick, Full Fathom Five puts the players aboard a whaling vessel in 1847. As the ship sails across the Pacific Ocean strange and terrible events unfold.

The scenario is intended for four to six players, with advice included for running with fewer (all the way down to one Keeper and one player). The game usually runs in a single intense session of play.


0Cover Art ("Full Fathom Five")John Sumrow
1Full Fathom FivePaul Fricker

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Full Fathom Five

Inglés, 60 págs.
Escenarios, La Llamada de Cthulhu
Miskatonic Repository (PF002), 2020

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Full Fathom Five 60 Miskatonic Repository
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