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Dissecting Cthulhu: Essays on the Cthulhu Mythos

0Introduction (to "Dissecting Cthulhu")S.T. Joshi
1The Derleth MythosRichard L. Tierney
2H.P. Lovecraft: Myth-MakerDirk W. Mosig
3Who Needs the “Cthulhu Mythos”?David E. Schultz
4Lovecraft Waits DreamingSimon MacCulloch
5The Cthulhu Mythos: Lovecraft vs. DerlethS.T. Joshi
6Toward a Reader-Response Approach to the Lovecraft MythosSteven J. Mariconda
7Genres in the Lovecraftian LibraryRobert M. Price
8Higher Criticism and the NecronomiconRobert M. Price
9The Lurker at the Threshold of InterpretationDan Clore
10Demythologizing CthulhuRobert M. Price
11The Last Vestige of the Derleth MythosRobert M. Price
12Behind the Mask of NyarlathotepWill Murray
13On the Natures of Nug and YebWill Murray
14Arkham Country: In Rescue of the Lost SearchersRobert D. Marten
15Where Was Foxfield?Will Murray
16Lovecraft’s Two Views of ArkhamEdward W. O'Brien
17HaliMarco Frenschkowski
18Cthulhu’s Scald: Lovecraft and the Nordic TraditionJason C. Eckhardt
19The Origin of Lovecraft’s “Black Magic” QuoteDavid E. Schultz
20Robert E. Howard and the Cthulhu MythosRobert M. Price
21Divers HandsStefan Dziemianowicz

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Dissecting Cthulhu: Essays on the Cthulhu Mythos

Inglés, 282 págs.
Ensayo, Dedicado
Miskatonic River Press (MRP0015), 2011
ISBN: 9780982181867

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Dissecting Cthulhu: Essays on the Cthulhu Mythos 282 Miskatonic River Press 9780982181867
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