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Arkham Sanitarium

Conjunto de ayudas de juego para utilizar con escenarios ambientados en Arkham.

WHILE COMBATING THE FORCES OF THE MYTHOS, INVESTIGATORS ARE OFTEN EXPOSED to hideous horror and blasphemous secrets that drive them into the embrace of insanity. If they continue on their perilous path, they may eventually be defeated either through total insanity or death. In either case, they generate a large paper trail which others can follow. An admission form to a local sanitarium can spark an investigation into the life of a deceased inmate, and lead the seeker into realms of unearthly evil. This supplement is meant to aid the keeper in the creation of such clues for the investigator.

Ayuda de juego incluida en Arkham Sanitarium

0Cover for "Arkham Sanitarium"Drashi Khendup
1Inpatient Admission FormDrashi Khendup
2Patient Psychological ProfileDrashi Khendup
3Patient RecordDrashi Khendup
4Patient Transfer FormDrashi Khendup
5Visitor Registration FormDrashi Khendup
6Invoice of ServicesDrashi Khendup
7Sanitarium LetterheadsDrashi Khendup
8Certificate of InsanityEric Vogt
9Certificate of DeathDrashi Khendup
10Court ReportDrashi Khendup
11Police RecordDrashi Khendup
12Dental RecordDrashi Khendup
13Business LetterheadsDrashi Khendup
14Business CardstocksDrashi Khendup
15Prescription of Medication FormDrashi Khendup

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Arkham Sanitarium

Inglés, 24 págs.
Ayuda de juego, La Llamada de Cthulhu
Chaosium (CHA2366), 1997
ISBN: 9781568820880

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Arkham Sanitarium 24 Chaosium 9781568820880
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