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The Thing at the Threshold

You will notice that the book you hold in your hands is considerably different than Chaosium's usual publications. Produced completely out of house by independent authors and artists, The Thing at the Threshold is the result of the collaborative efforts of Paul McCoonell and Neal Sulton, Britishers by birth, Call of Chulhu fans by choice. We are pleased to present their efforts, and feel sure that fans of Call of Cthulhu will find this adventure as entertaining as any we've published.

_Keith Herber.

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0Cover for "The Thing at the Threshold"?John T. Snyder
1Illlustrations for "The Thing at the Threshold"Neal Sutton
2Chapter one: The InheritorPaul McConnell
3Chapter two: The BenightedPaul McConnell
4Chapter three: The Dead SeaPaul McConnell

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The Thing at the Threshold

Inglés, 98 págs.
Campaña, La Llamada de Cthulhu
Chaosium (CHA2339), 1992
ISBN: 9780933635906

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The Thing at the Threshold 98 Chaosium 9780933635906
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