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The Parapsychologist's Handbook

Monográfico MULA (Miskatonic University Library Association) dedicado a la parapsicología y el mundo de lo paranormal.

De la introducción al suplemento:

Not just the Mythos... have you ever wondered just how frightening a ghost or poltergeist might be in Call of Cthulhu? In this handbook you'll find the real world science of the paranormal, Parapsychology - it's history, it's methods, and how to play a parapsychologist or run a campaign centred around a ghost-hunting group, and how to simulate various non-mythos entities and psychic powers in your Cthulhu campaign.

Equipo de investigación para un parapsicólogo

Designed for both Keeper and Players, this handbook will teach you everything you need to know about generating parapsychologist characters, equipping yourself for an investigation and provides copious notes on some of the theories and techniques usea in the field, which can be useful for almost any Cthulhu scenario.

The second part of the Handbook, 'Phenomena', provides further notes on the major parapsychological entities and how to investigate them.

0Cover for "The Parapsychologist's Handbook"Meghan McLean
1Introduction (to "The Parapsychologist's Handbook")Chris Jerome
2Parapsychology: Exploring new frontiers of scienceChris Jerome, Simon Monk
3PhenomenaChris Jerome, Jessica Billman, Simon Monk
4Secrets Mankind Was Not Meant To KnowChris Jerome, Simon Monk
5New Psychic Feats for Call of Cthulhu d20Chris Jerome
6Sinister SeedsChris Jerome
7Parapsychological Literature, 1882-1930Chris Jerome
8Zener CardsChris Jerome

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The Parapsychologist's Handbook

Inglés, 112 págs.
Guía, La Llamada de Cthulhu
Chaosium (CHA0302), 2003
ISBN: 9781568822273

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The Parapsychologist's Handbook 112 Chaosium 9781568822273
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