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Kingdom of the Blind

Monográfico MULA (Miskatonic University Library Association). Una guía del Reino Unido entre los años 1920 y 1930.

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A Guide to the United Kingdom in the 1920s and 1930s

1921: the Empire upon which the sun never sets. From east to west, Dominions and colonies, from far-flung Hong Kong to Jamaica, India to Canada, stretch to encompass a quarter of the world’s land and a quarter of its population. Upon every ocean a ship hoisting the Union Jack and armed with sixteen-inch guns, able to blow any other navy out of the water, slips through cold grey surf. An empire’s laws and language, economics, sports and culture have diffused across a malleable globe. Pax Britannica holds sway.

But the veneer is beginning to crack. A lost generation lies under the killing fields of Ypres and Passchendale, the survivors scarred, lost, and forgotten. Ireland burns with fury and fire as the war for independence rages. Up north, trade unions threaten to bring down the government, while communist sympathisers foment paranoia in Fleet Street’s newspapers. From across the channel European fascism whispers sweet nothings to middle and working-class disillusioned. And beneath it all something dark twists; something immeasurably old and unfathomable. Its eldritch pulse beats through a society of Bright Young Things and dole-queue miners. This is the time of spiritualism, esoterica and occultism; of wild abandon and lost morals; of dark sects and darker arts. After the mechanical horrors of the War to End All Wars, man no longer fears the primordial nature of the universe–and there are those who will use this to their gain.

Kingdom of the Blind is a guidebook for the United Kingdom between 1920 and 1930. While the majority of Lovecraft’s stories take place in the rural seclusion of American New England, players with a more international bent may prefer to investigate the mysteries of the Old Country--beyond the horrors of Goatswood.

0Kingdom of the BlindAnthony Warren
1Where we stand today: Britain from 1900Anthony Warren
2The gazetteer of his Majesty's United KingdomAnthony Warren
3War on the doorstep: The gazetteer of IrelandAnthony Warren
4Through good times and bad: Politics and lawAnthony Warren
5Planes, trains and automobilesAnthony Warren
6The Masses against the classes: Life, culture, societyAnthony Warren
7Money, goods and pricesAnthony Warren
8English as she is spoke: A dictionary of 1920s terminologyAnthony Warren
9Almanac of the 1920sAnthony Warren
10The investigator's gazetteerAnthony Warren
11High societies, low peoples: Cults, groups and individualsAnthony Warren
12The esoteric library: Tracts and tomesAnthony Warren
13Soratorius Albion: New spellsAnthony Warren
14Beasts of England, beasts of Ireland: The Mythos in the UKAnthony Warren
15Heartless thingsAnthony Warren
16The resurrection menAnthony Warren
17Alternative rules: Drug addictionAnthony Warren
18Alternative rules: War serviceAnthony Warren
19Alternative rules: New occupationsAnthony Warren

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¿Cómo queda la comparación entre este y el Green and Pleasant Land? ¿Y qué valor tiene este si tienes los de Cubicle Seven?

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Kingdom of the Blind

Inglés, 138 págs.
Guía, La Llamada de Cthulhu
Chaosium (CHA359), Ago 2008
ISBN: 9781568822778

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Kingdom of the Blind 138 Chaosium 9781568822778
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