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Cephalophobia Issue 1

We are proud to present on our 2 year anniversary the Miskatonic University Yearbook, issue 1. Also known as, Cephalophobia!

This magazine has loads of great features and articles, and we hope that you find articles that help your Call of Cthulhu game.

Included in this issue are:


0Cover for "Cephalophobia Issue 1"Ian MacLean
1Eternal SpringMatt Puccio
2Cave BeastE. Walker Lindsey
3HomunculusJon Hook
4The FixerCharles Gerard
5What’s It Worth To Ya?MUP Faculty and Campus Forum Alumni Logar
6The Plawson TapesBrian Sammons
7Y.GOLO.NETShane Ivey
8Terror on the Deep (Scenario Seed)E. Walker Lindsey

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Cephalophobia Issue 1

Inglés, 34 págs.
Revista, La Llamada de Cthulhu
Miskatonic University Podcast, Mar 2014

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Cephalophobia Issue 1 34 Miskatonic University Podcast
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