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Lovecraft's Monsters

0Introduction (to "Lovecraft Monsters")Ellen Datlow
1Only the End of the World Again 6 opiniones?Neil Gaiman1.00
2Bulldozer 4 opinionesLaird Barron5.00
3Red Goat Black GoatNadia Bulkin
4The Same Deep Waters as YouBrian Hodge
5A Quarter to ThreeKim Newman
6The Dappled ThingWiliam Spencer
7Inelastic CollisionsElizabeth Bear
8RemnantsFred Chappell
9Love Is Forbidden, We Croak and HowlCaitlín R. Kiernan
10The Sect of the IdiotThomas Ligotti
11Jar of SaltsGemma L. Files
12Black as the Pit, from Pole to PoleSteven Utley, Howard Waldrop
13Waiting at the Crossroads MotelSteve Rasnic Tem
14I've Come to Talk with You AgainKarl Edward Wagner
15The Bleeding Shadow 1 opinionesJoe R. Lansdale5.00
16That of Which We Speak When We Speak of the UnspeakableNick Mamatas
17HaruspicyGemma L. Files
18Children of the FangJohn Langan

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Lovecraft's Monsters

Inglés, 379 págs.
Antología colectiva, Dedicado
Tachyon Publications, Abr 2014
ISBN: 9781616961213

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Lovecraft's Monsters 379 Tachyon Publications 9781616961213
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