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Mysteries of Ireland


From the hills the fairies whisper to lone strangers, "come join the dance". Watching from beneath the waves are the Merrow, the dwellers of the deep. Strange noises and half-heard screams ring at night from the cellars of the towns and cillages. The unwary go missing in the wilds, the locals say "Pooka" and shake their heads. Fires are lit on the mountainsides and bones are cast into the flames; a young woman sits in a trance as ectoplasm oozes from her mouth, and she speaks of times-past in a voice that is not her own.

All these things and more are waiting on this Celtic Isla. This is a land of roaring seas, deep lakes, green pastures, barren bogs, and heather-topper mountains.

Mysteries of Ireland is a source book for the Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game. It is a guide for playing games and running scenarios in 1920s Ireland.

This book contains information on life in Ireland during this period and includes Irish Myths, Legends and Superstitions, the Occult, and the Mythos. There is detailed information for Dublin and Belfast, two new investigator occupations: Tinkers and WWI Veterans, several new creatures, and three new scenarios.

0Introduction (to "Mysteries of Ireland")Colin Dunlop
1An Overview of Ireland 1919-1930Colin Dunlop
2Playing during the Irish WarsColin Dunlop
3Chronology of the 20s in IrelandColin Dunlop
4FirearmsColin Dunlop
5EntertainmentsColin Dunlop
6SportsColin Dunlop
7TransportColin Dunlop
81920s sample gear and pricesColin Dunlop
9ResearchColin Dunlop
10ArchaeologyColin Dunlop
11MeteoritesColin Dunlop
12The OccultColin Dunlop
13Secret SocietiesColin Dunlop
14SuperstitionsColin Dunlop
15Irish Creatures of LegendColin Dunlop
16MythologyColin Dunlop
17The Mythos in IrelandColin Dunlop
18Player OccupationsColin Dunlop
19List of the Gods, Goddesses, Demons and Avatars which have been worshipped in IrelandColin Dunlop
20Doctors and PsychiatryColin Dunlop
21City Guide: DublinColin Dunlop
22City Guide: BelfastColin Dunlop
23BibliographyColin Dunlop
24Poitin for Father MolochColin Dunlop
25The Demon in St. Niclaus's ChurchColin Dunlop
26Blood FruitColin Dunlop

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Mysteries of Ireland

Inglés, 104 págs.
Guía, La Llamada de Cthulhu
Chaosium (CHA0408), 2012
ISBN: 9781568823751

7.00, 4 dueños
Mysteries of Ireland 104 Chaosium 9781568823751
7.00 10 0 4
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