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Age of Cthulhu: Abominations of the Amazon

Centuries ago, the Inca Empire ruled the Peruvian jungles. The Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro brought their era to an end, and looted their vast wealth. But the most famous Incan gold, the Treasure of the Llanganatis, was never found.

Summer, 1927: An American exploring a strange mountainside ruin finds what he believes to be the Treasure of the Llanganatis. Little does he know that while he is on the right path, he has also unwittingly sealed his own doom...

0Cover for "Abominations of the Amazon"Bradley McDevitt
1Abominations of The Amazon 9 opinionesMike Ferguson, Bradley McDevitt

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Age of Cthulhu: Abominations of the Amazon

Inglés, 24 págs.
Escenarios, La Llamada de Cthulhu
Goodman Games (GMGFRPGD10), 2010

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Age of Cthulhu: Abominations of the Amazon 24 Goodman Games
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