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Lovecraftian Pictures of the Day

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Christmas Cthulhu Lovecraft, Elena Bandos y Dani Héllez

Christmas for Cthulhu, Les Edwards

Christmas with Lovecraft and Friends, Nelson Evergreen

Chthonians, Kurai Sawada

Chtulhu, Grishin Alexey

La ciénaga de Cthulhu, Guillermo de la Peña

City of the Great Race, Julian Kok

City Quiet as Death, Jon Foster

Clash of the Old Gods, Fuacka

Cluethulhu, Chris Toumanian

Colin the Elder Thing, Scott Purdy

Collateral - Cthulhu Corp., Mark Patten

The Colour out of Cyber-Space, Timothy Lim y Mark Pellegrini

Colour out of Space, Travis Anthony

The Colour Out of Space, Bryan Baugh

The Colour out of Space cover, Rowena Morrill

Comdemned Theater, Tim Yi

The Coming of Cthulhu, Carlos Valenzuela

Commonplace Book, Krum

Confrontation, Christian Scharfenberg

The Conjuring, Paul Abrams

Cookoo, Dim Martin

Cosmic Horror, Sady Izé

Cosmic R'lyeh, Dr. Faustus

La couleur tombée du ciel, Sam Mahlone
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